Quick update on sebi circular


i just chanced upon a recent sebi circular that deals with registration of anyone that makes or could make a recommendation to buy sell or hold a listed scrip. Given my busy schedule have not yet gone through the nuances of the same. The constitution of india provides any individual with freedom of speech and expression and the expression of views of what I do should be part of that. i also believe that repeated emphasis that none of the posts are recommendations or that I am not an investment analysts or an investment consultant but only expression personal views should be in order.

neverthess until I have clarity on the issue and more than anything am able to devote time to study it, I will not be making references to any stock names in my monthly thoughts.

I shall of course continue to pursue reading up on companies, sectors, macros etc and will actively pursue my own investments based on the thought process. I don’t thinly there can and will be any restriction to express a macro view without narrowing down any specific stocks.

i respect the regulator and till clarity emerges, will be pruning the specific writing as detailed above.


4 thoughts on “Quick update on sebi circular

  1. Krishna says:

    Hi Safir,

    I would say you are not making a recommendation but just an analysis and it should be fine by SEBI specially when you are making a free publication of your study/thoughts not asking anybody to do the same. Also, the move by SEBI is a much welcomed one and not a nuance – in current market rally I am getting a call almost every 2-3 days of someone who wants to provide a free trial of their paid trading-call service. I have myself burnt my hands and lost money with crooks and frauds like HBJCapital who have MBA analyst providing portfolio services worth 20 lac to users charging 60000/-, the company has no ethics and is a outright fraud. The SEBI mandate will put an hold to these crooks.


  2. Aditya says:

    Can you share the link of the circular?

  3. Nasirul says:

    I have gone through the regulation. It’s for those analysts on the payrolls of some brokerage to make the recommendations. Only analyst come under the regulation if they are recommending a buy or sell and financial planners and advisors don’t come under the purview. The rules are made to ensure that vested interest be made public like holding etc. I believe you don’t come under the regulation as it’s meant for discussion and learning. I haven’t seen recommendations from you.

  4. Gaurav says:

    Perhaps you can put a disclaimer :
    Disclaimer: This Blog, its owner, creator & contributor is not a research analyst and expressing opinion only as an Investor in Indian equities .He/She is not responsible for any loss arising out of any information, post or opinion appearing on this blog. Investors are advised to consult financial consultant before acting on any such information.

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