Orbit exports

1. Credit rating improved last year ICRA revises Orbit Exports’ Long Term rating to LBBB- http://www.business-standard.com/india/news/icra-revises-orbit-exports-long-term-rating-to-lbbb-/428448/ via @bsindia

2. The movement to novelty fabrics is clearly increasing the profitability and reducing dependence on past business. http://www.indiantextilejournal.com/corporate/CUdetails.asp?id=3912

3. The co is undergoing capex given its new thrust, pl remember there was a management change in 2004 from where company essentially picked up


4. Per mgt, co is seeking listing on nse.

5. Per bse, co did an allotment very recently


6. Co announced a bonus of 1 for 2 due to improved financials, a factor that means liquidity may have improved

7. Per annual report, capacity of jacquard fabrics has already been doubled

8. Per annual report:

During the year under Report, the Company has developed new products and designs which has enabled the Company to develop new markets and in catering the existing customers. The introduction of new products and designs has helped the Company to add new customers in different geographical regions and segments.

9. Co used to outsource some requirement for fabrics that is since reduced due to the acquisition of 12 jacquard shuttle less looms, source: annual report



One thought on “Orbit exports

  1. J says:

    70cr capex for a 100cr turnover co. ? Too ambitious ?

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